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Remodeling Your Kitchen Tips: Kitchen Cabinet Material

Remodeling your kitchen involves choosing cabinets and replacement kitchen doors that suit your taste and need. The kind of cabinets you choose is also dependent on your budget. Moreover, the the price of kitchen cabinets largely depends on their material. The most common material for making cabinets is wood. There are various types of wood used for cabinetry, and here are some of them.

Red Oak

Durable and relatively cost-effective, red oak has prominent grain patterns. It is a popular choice for making cabinets in traditional styles and custom-made, semi-custom, and stock cabinets.

White Oak

White oak is as durable as oak, although it has golden tones and subtle grains. It is usually used for custom cabinetry.

Hard Maple

This hardwood is relatively more expensive than oak, but it has a lower density. It is also a common choice for making custom and semi-custom cabinets. It has a light tone and fine grains, and it may be stained. However, it is typically rendered a natural or clear finish for a contemporary and light look.


The most distinct quality of cherry is its hardness, so it does not easily get damaged. It has fine grains and is very smooth. It is reddish-brown or red, which tends to darken over time, although you can stain it to achieve uniformity in its color. It is a great choice if you want your kitchen to have a contemporary look. Moreover, it lends a kitchen a formal and elegant look when it is used in making traditional style kitchen cabinets.


The durability of this hardwood is comparable to that of the oak's, although it has a lighter color and a more prominent structure. It also has straight grains. As with maple, giving it a natural or clear finish gives your kitchen units a contemporary look.


Having a slightly darker tone than maple, birch has fine grains. Although it is cheaper than maple or cherry, it can be made to look like the more expensive types of hardwood by staining it. The disadvantage of using this hardwood is that it is prone to irregular coloring.


Having a pale yellow tone, pine is the only softwood species that can be used for making cabinets. It is also a common choice for those aiming a traditional style kitchen. You may also stain the softwood if you wish.

Other materials that are commonly used for making kitchen cabinets include stainless steel, laminate, and Thermofoil.


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