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Is Building A Conservatory A Diy Project?

From time to time there are projects that people consider as too big to be a real DIY project. It may be an loft extension, reroofing your house, installing a complete central heating system or fitting a complete new kitchen.

One particular project raises its head time and again, and that is the conservatory installation.

There is no denying, that a project carried out by a professional is likely to be quicker and possibly run smoother than that done with a novice, for the first time. While that is certainly a fact with many projects, it is not always the same with a conservatory.

Traditional Methods:

The traditional method of conservatory installation generally starts with the foundations. Most double glazing companies that install conservatories tend to build a traditional base. And this is where the expertise comes in. Footings will need to be measured and dug, then filled with concrete. You then need to wait for this to set adequately before you can build your dwarf wall system that your conservatory frames will be connected to.

Once the base and dwarf wall system has been completed, most conservatory companies will then build the rest in just a few days.

So most of the complex specialist work is down to the foundation.

DIY Alternative

The alternative is to use a steel base and modular wall system. This system is common for DIY conservatories, and is becoming more popular the conventional built conservatory completed by a double glazing company.

There is no need to dig foundations, nor wait for cement to set, not to hire a professional bricklayer to build the dwarf wall. The steel base and dwarf wall system is based on assembling parts together. No expertise is required, just time and a little care.

The steel base and dwarf wall system is comparable in terms of strength and quality to a traditionally built conservatory foundation. The difference is that a novice can install the steel base in just a few days.

Watch This Video On Steel Bases:

When it comes to the rest of the conservatory, that really is just about bolting parts together, no need for any professional trade skills. For some sections you will need an extra pair of hands. When you are dealing with large items and some may be heavy, then it makes sense to work with someone that can help take the load off certain parts while they are being connected together.

Is It Really Possible To Build In 7 Days?

Its not a hype claim. With the steel base and dwarf system, it really is possible to build a brand new conservatory, from scratch, in just 7 days. But the key is not to rush, there really is no need.

If it is something that you have never done before, then once you have done all your research and preparation, it may take you an extra few days to complete, but youll be glad you did, and you will literally save thousands of pounds in the process.


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