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Creative Projects To Do With Timber Decking

So you've finished up making your outdoor deck. You now have a lovely patio or a cozy garden lounge, but you might also have lots of wood cuttings or extra pallets lying around. Before you go throwing these out to trash; or worse, wasting high quality wood as kindling for your fireplace, you might want to consider making other things out of it. Take DIY home decking to a whole new level, by building your very own deck with an addition of creative and also very useful projects. These projects are very easy to make especially since you would already have the necessary tools and materials, now all you need is some dose of creativity. To help you get started here are some ideas:

1. Wooden pallet shoe rack

Do you hate having to clean up mud or dust on your spanking new wooden deck? Well ask guests and family members to do it Japanese style and remove their shoes or footwear by placing a cool shoe rack made from your excess decking timber. Your DIY shoe rack can make use of the same materials and even the same layering techniques as creating your routine decks, just allow for some spaces in between for the footwear. Just like this:

2. Cozy sofa or beds

Why not provide some wooden chairs, tables or sofa beds in your decked patio? Not only can they be used for outdoor relaxation but you can remodel or design it so you can use them for indoor purposes, too. Just remember that when making chairs, beds or tables out for your decking timber, use sturdier or broader posts or stumps as the supporting frame for the furniture. Also this type of project is more perfect for hardwood timber like merbau or even hybrids because they can support a good amount of weight without breaking.

3. Swing it!

This is one of the more unconventional uses but one that kids, and even kids-at-heart will surely love. This might easily be one of the most favorite DIY installations. All you need is some strong rope, and lightweight but durable decking timber. Some of the materials recommended for this purpose are composite timbers, or even bamboo. Composite timbers are made of wood fibers and plastic making it lighter than regular decking timbers but also quite strong. Bamboo is natural wood known for its extreme resilience and lightness. Enjoy some good fun in your garden or yard with a swing like this:

4. Indoor and Outdoor DIY furniture

You can really build just about anything with your excess decking timbers. Be it a kitchen cupboard, a bookshelf, or even a plant box for your flowers and orchids, all these are possible and more. You just need the materials and a creative way to put things together. The beauty of it all is the simplicity. DIY furniture made from decking timber does not require any special skill at all. Once you are familiar with your decking technique, imagination is the limit to what you can build.


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