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Characteristics Of A Good Energy Efficient Furnace

For many years, Mansfield, CT homeowners have been paying some pretty high energy bills, much higher than they should. Your old gas furnace is getting worn and is in need of repair. A decision has to be made on whether to put the money into the repair for the old furnace or look into buying a new one that is more energy efficient. You wonder just what is it that makes a furnace an energy efficient one? Here are some things to consider when buying an energy efficient furnace.

What is considered an energy efficient furnace?

All models of furnaces have a yellow sticker stamped right on them that will tell you exactly what the energy rating is. The information on this sticker will tell you how much of the money you spend goes toward producing heat in your home and how much is waste. For example; if your furnace is 87% energy efficient it means for every one dollar you spend on gas or oil, 87 cents of it gave you beneficial heat and 13 cents of it is lost during the heating process. These days an energy efficient furnace can easily be found in the 90% - 97% range. For comparison, many heaters that were produced before the 1990s are operating in the 70% efficiency range.


Multi-stage Systems

Years ago there were not a lot of choices when it came to buying furnaces and their energy efficiency. The models were all what were known as single-stage systems that came on full blast the minute the system called for heat and ran at full speed until the system determined the correct temperature was reached. They were great for heating your home quickly but failed miserably in the area of energy efficiency.

Along came the design of what is known as multi-stage furnace systems; for these models the motto is steady wins the race, the fuel efficiency race that is. Instead of coming on full speed they very gradually work up to it and this is where the big savings come in; they are not always running at full capacity. If you want an energy efficient furnace you need to get one that is a multi-stage furnace for sure.

Condensing Furnaces

Another newer technology is what are called condensing furnaces. These are furnaces that unlike conventional furnaces have piping that goes to the outside of your house to draw in outside air. How does this help a furnace become an energy efficient furnace? Furnaces that draw air from inside a house actually draw in cold air from the outside through a natural reaction to combustion inside the home. When a conventional furnace comes on it pulls in a cold draft of air from outside the house that makes your home less comfortable and it takes more energy to heat this colder air. By using a condensing furnace with piping to the outside air it keeps this cold draft effect from happening, so you are more comfortable and you save energy by not having to use more energy to heat up the cold draft of air.

Spending A Little More Now Means Big Savings Later

So when you are shopping for a new furnace make sure you look for an energy efficient furnace and go over what was discussed here with the dealer you are looking to buy from. You may spend a little more initially but it will pay for itself many times over in the long run.


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