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Avoiding Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home

If you want a speedy sale of your home then it is important to avoid common mistakes many home sellers make. Below are some examples of costly mistakes when selling your home.

Incorrect Pricing

Pricing your home too high above the market rate will keep prospective buyers away. Setting your price too low will mean that you have missed out on collecting part of the house value. To avoid making this costly mistake check out your competition and set a price in line with comparable homes in your location. You can also request a current market evaluation report from your realtor.

Failing to Show" Your Home

If you dont show your home, interested purchasers cannot make their offers. Look for an appropriate way to showcase your house. Open houses are very popular and if you list your home with a realtor then he or she can help promote these events.

Home sellers also want to avoid wasting time with buyers who are serious or qualified. Curiosity seekers will tire you and keep your home in the market longer. The best approach is to qualify the potential buyer beginning with the first contact. Your realtor can also pre-qualify potential buyers and save you time and headaches.

Pushing the Hard Sell"

Home shopping and buying are emotional decisions. If you are overly enthusiastic or aggressive, you might stress the potential buyers and lose them as a prospect. Remain relaxed and remember that the "hard sell" is the wrong technique. Instead, promote the best features and amenities of the house to your prospects.

Not Producing Proper Documentation

Potential buyers will need to verify certain things either before or during the closing. If you have had your foundation repaired or a roof replaced you should have duplicate copies available for interested prospects. Original blueprints and surveys are also important documents although a survey will probably have to be updated.

Failing to Clean and Declutter

You risk putting off buyers if your house is dirty and cluttered. If the home is full of personal items, prospective purchasers will have a hard time envisioning themselves as the new owners. A clean and decluttered home looks large and spacious. Remove excess furniture and knickknacks. You should also take down personal items, family photos as well as religious and political symbols. You must also make sure that the house is cleaned and dusted thoroughly before showing.

Refusing to Spend on the Property

Some people refuse to spend some money on a house they wont be living in. However, spending a little money can increase your houses appeal and value. Consult on the little things that can help you sell your house faster. Such things could include doing minor repairs and maintaining the lawn and landscaping.


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