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5 Tips For Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is not one of the easiest DIY projects you can do at home. If youre feeling doubtful about whether it can be done perfectly on the first try, here are 5 essential tips to follow for hanging wallpaper:

Measuring and Cutting Cutting your wallpaper too short is a waste of strip. To avoid redoing your wallpaper every now and then, measure the height of your wall and be modest. Add at least 2.5 inches allowance for the top and just as much for the bottom. Dont forget to measure certain areas as well like the wall beneath and above your windows. If your wall has slanted corners or if youre planning to attach two types of wallpaper (one for the top, on for the bottom) decide where you want the edge of either to begin and end. Measuring your wall will help determine if it is uneven so dont skip it.

Cleaning the Walls A clean smooth surface is the key to a flat, perfectly well pasted wallpaper. Hanging wallpaper is easiest to do on a clean, smooth surface. If you have an old wallpaper attached to the wall, take the time to scrape it off. You can wet it with a bucket of warm water and sponge and scrape off the bits and pieces. The goal is to eliminate bulges and surfaces that could cause air bubbles and prevent your new wallpaper from sticking evenly. For best results, take it all off so you have a smooth surface to hang your new wallpaper.

Uneven Walls Uneven walls are not uncommon, but its also difficult to see until youve actually hung a patterned wallpaper. Its possible to tell if your wall is uneven through measurements so take the time for that. To minimize obvious irregularities use plain coloured wallpaper or those with simple patterns (small, frequent patterns). Its best to avoid stripes as they make it easy to see the unevenness.

Wallpaper Preparation Some wallpapers are pre-pasted while others are not. If the wallpaper is pre-pasted use a damp, not soaked, sponge to dampen the pre-pasted surface. If your wallpaper is not pre-pasted proceed to adding wallpaper paste with a roller for an even application.

Sizing Sizing is something that needs to be done so that the wallpaper can expand to its full size and the adhesive paste to start taking effect. You size your wallpaper while the back is still moist. It takes around 5 to 7 minutes of booking for the adhesive to take effect, any longer than that could make it difficult to unfold the wallpaper. To prevent this, size only up to 3 wallpaper strips at a time only. Better to size only two at a time so one is sizing while the other is being hung on the wall.

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